The Summer Months in Nova Ponente

A summer holiday in the Dolomites

In the summer, our panoramic hotel in South Tyrol is the ideal starting point for a wide range of hikes, of all difficulty levels, in and around Nova Ponente. But it’s not just hikers and ramblers who’ll love it here… mountain bikers visiting our area will want for nothing. Our community is surrounded by countless mountain massifs and summits that will have you itching to lace up your hiking boots and go exploring. In the evenings, marvel at the magical Catinaccio and take in the unique views of the Latemar or the Sciliar. The clean mountain air doesn’t just do your body a power of good, it will also help your spirit to find that level of balance and relaxation it needs. Hikers, bikers and climbers alike will find plenty of opportunities to indulge in their passions and benefit from the positive effects our beautiful countryside can have on a person.

The famous Rio delle Foglie gorge is definitely worth a visit, or maybe you’ll prefer to embark on a journey of discovery on the Latemarium hiking trails as part of your holiday in the Dolomites. The climbing enthusiasts among you will just love the Obereggen high rope garden. Mountain biking and horse riding are also high up on the list of leisure opportunities that await you while on holiday in the lovely town of Nova Ponente.

Planetarium Südtirol Alto Adige in Gummer

Marvel at the wonders of the universe at the Planetarium Südtirol Alto Adige in Gummer, near Bolzano. Just a 25-minute drive from the panoramic Hotel Obkircher in Nova Ponente, this is a perfect family day out. Come rain or shine, you can experience far-off galaxies up close and personal. Blast off and embark on an adventure like no other! Up to 53 guests at once can gaze at the starry sky and drift off into the vastness of space… all without leaving their comfortable seats. Once your feet are firmly back on the ground, the area surrounding the Planetarium offers two further highlights no holiday in the Dolomites should be without.

Astronomical and Solar Observatories and Planetary Trail

The “Max Valier” astronomical observatory and the “Peter Anich” solar observatory are just waiting for you to discover their secrets. The astronomical observatory is actually part of the “Peter Anich” solar observatory and is run by volunteer amateur astronomers. There are numerous presentations that take place all year round: Every Thursday evening, all are welcome to visit. On Friday evenings, however, are reserved for closed groups and guided tours are only held in good weather.

The Planetary Trail is the perfect way to explore the solar system with both feet on terra firma. The planets are laid out in their proper order, and at their proper distances from the sun, at a scale of 1 to 1 billion. One step equals approx. 1 million kilometres. It’ll take you about three hours to reach the dwarf planet Pluto.

Monte San Pietro near Nova Ponente

The tiny village of Monte San Pietro, boasting a great deal of attractions guaranteed to draw you in, has 600 inhabitants and can be found on a wooded high plateau within the parish of Nova Ponente. Despite this lovely village’s remote location, we promise you won’t be bored! One of the main attractions just has to be the 18-hole Monte San Pietro golf course, which is actually one of the oldest in South Tyrol. Locally, and beyond our borders, this tiny village is also known for the Madonna di Pietralba pilgrimage site. This beautiful church is well worth a visit.

Wellness Holiday in Val d’Ega

Dive in, drift away and give yourself over to relaxation at its purest. At our wellness hotel in Nova Ponente, our excellent spa area is at your disposal…


Cuisine in Nova Ponente

Let us spoil you morning, noon and night with delectable delights and sweet and savoury treats from the Obkircher kitchen.


Cuisine in Nova Ponente

Let us spoil you morning, noon and night with delectable delights and sweet and savoury treats from the Obkircher kitchen.